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-Inspiring Education in Nature-
Creative Learning Classes
Activity Based Programs 

Welcome to our Happy Space


Expand Your Horizons


Explore and Discover


Develop New Skills

Learn to care for and interact with the multiple animals located on our farm.

Engage with nature in whole new ways. 

Learn to identify plants, build forts from natural resources, milk a goat, bake bread, create art, or take notice of the wildlife around you during fun outdoor activities.

Build Confidence

We offer over sixty kid friendly animals to interact with, multiple natural environments to explore, fun waterways to discover, and spaces where creativity is encouraged.

With highly experienced teachers, Sweet Creek Ranch provides a safe and encouraging dynamic for increasing confidence and inspiring learning.

A large and open exploratory space that encourages, running, playing, splashing, jumping, laughing, and delighting in nature.  Learn while engaging in hands on activities on the farm, join in classes that teach new skills, and build and create in new ways.  Fun and creative learning in a positive and encouraging environment.

With almost 170 acres and over a mile of waterways to explore, Sweet Creek Ranch offers a beautiful and private valley to stretch out into. Peaceful and lush spaces to hike in, splash in, and play in.  Relax, enjoy, discover and learn from the wonders of nature and farm life on Sweet Creek Ranch.

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