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Our Teachers

Guidance, Inspiration, Support



Project Coordinator and Teacher

With over thirty years of teaching experience, Naomi provides students with patient and dedicated personalized education. Her joy is to see each student grow and expand towards their personal best. She has worked together with students and animals for many years, and believes in proactive academic coaching alongside hands on skill building. Naomi excels at expanding students personal perspective and experience base. Along with her ability to personalize each student’s education, she also brings a great deal of love and laughter to our farm, and is always ready to offer a smile and encouragement.


Teacher and Curriculum Developer

Loved by students and teachers alike, Abigail brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Sweet Creek Ranch. As our resident trainer and curriculum developer, she is an invaluable member of the team. An experienced educator with a degree in psychology, communications, and anthropology, Abigail brings a diverse combination of interests and skills to Sweet Creek Ranch and a dedicated enthusiasm for seeing each student grow into becoming confident and skilled.


Counselor and Academic Advisor

Energetic and driven, Ben takes his decades of work and educational coaching experience and pours it into helping students find vision.Always gentle in spirit and in attitude, Ben brings hope for new beginnings forward into reality. Motivation and inspiration are what Ben excels at and he brings these traits to Sweet Creek Ranch with quiet dedication and peace filled persistence.

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