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Class Descriptions

Grades K-5

Animals and Math

Learn how useful numbers can be while collecting eggs, calculating distances, adding up animals, and weighing  items on the farm. A multitude of math activities encouraging hands on learning and fun calculations.

Reading and Writing Games on the Farm

Fun and engaging games that turn reading into an adventure. Enjoy word scavenger hunts, discover secret messages, race through spelling obstacles, and much more.

Experience History

Taught in historic costume so kids get to experience a taste of the past. Learn how clothing, food, and animal care were done differently in previous centuries.

Outdoor Science

Discover the many secrets hiding in nature. Learn about  plants, trees, wildlife, and stars. Activities and games incorporating an appreciation for the natural world around us.

Nature and Art Explorations

Create unique pieces of art from natural local materials, learn to draw different types of animals, explore color, and make river rock pets to take home.

Shelters and Forts

Learn about different shelter types and building materials used throughout history and then try your hand at creating bushcraft shelters and simple forts with local natural materials.

Class Descriptions

Grades 6-12

Animal Behavior Studies

Study and learn about animals up close. Track and observe their behaviors, learn their communication signals, and learn to interact with animals in a more direct and personal way.
Includes animal interactions and observation studies.

Art Projects in Nature

Join us for a wide range of art projects that will incorporate the natural elements around us. Using natural resources from the farm to create art projects, and also taking inspiration from the farm animals to learn anatomy, perspective, color schemes, and scale.

College Essay Writing

Together we will explore examples of previous essay prompts from both colleges and SAT tests. Expand thought development, essay writing techniques, and build confidence in personal writing style and voice.

Exploring Poetry in Nature

Our Farm Intensive Certificate tends to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot. Curious to learn more about this program? Get in touch with our admissions office, they’ll be happy to help.

Historical Clothing

Clothing, hairstyles, and fashion changes over time. Look at the origins and underpinnings of some of histories most interesting fashion trends. Then create your own unique clothing item using household items and natural products found on the farm.

Historical Cooking

Explore the origins of recipes, food sources, and cooking techniques. This class will cook and explore flavors together while looking at how food preparation has changed over time.

Planning and Development

Learn how to create a viable plan from an idea. Plan and develop an idea from concept to research and development. Includes analytical thinking skills, research development, procurement procedures and budget creation.

Singing and Sounds

A fun class where sound and singing are combined with creative exploration of music. All levels welcome.

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