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Meet Our Team

Here at Sweet Creek Ranch 


Owner & Canine Specialist

Naomi brings over 25 years of professional pet care experience into creating the best environment for your dog. As a former veterinary nurse, kennel manager, groomer, and passionate pet communicator, Naomi brings a unique combination of skills to her pet care business. Having cared for hundreds of dogs and multiple other animals, she continues to manage her own thriving farm alongside offering a fun and unique experience for visiting dogs. 


Ranch Lead

A highly experienced dog handler and trainer,

Abigail offers a level of care and affection for the animals in her care that make them easily fall in love with her. She has spent over a decade professionally caring for dogs as a pet sitter. She is well respected by all the pets that meet and work with her. 



Dog Handler

As an avid dog lover who has an unwavering enthusiasm for spending time with and playing with dogs, Arshan offers a level of love that every dog can appreciate. As a dedicated dog owner of many years and professional dog illustrator, Arshan enjoys engaging with every breed and size of dog that comes to spend time with him on the ranch.

Mocha, Mika, Mitzy

Resident Dogs

Mocha, Mitzy, and Mika have welcomed countless dogs into their home over the years and are experienced canine hostesses. onto their property to frolic, romp, and adventure with. when they are not hosting day camp dogs, you can find them working at herding goats and geese, and defending the farm.

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