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Admission and Cost

We are happy to arrange an in person visit or schedule a phone call to answer any further questions you might have about our program. As we aim to provide an extremely personalized approach and curriculum for each student, we have limited space for students at any given time. 

For elementary aged students we offer personalized reading, writing, and elementary math skill building curriculum, science through cooking and animal care, history and geography through exploration and hands on activities.  

For middle and high school aged students we help expand writing skills, reading comprehension, encourage Socratic thought and discussion, create real world math based activities, offer historical cooking classes, provide animal care activities and education, and offer nature exploration classes.

Specialized class options for students with learning disabilities.

For classes with four or more students our price is $10/student/hour

For classes with 2-3 students $15/student/hour

For private instruction $25/student/hour

Some of our students are long term and come for a month or two. Our current basic cost per full time residential student is $1000 per week including all activities, supervision, classes and assistance. A private room, food, expendables, and living costs are included.